Creating Global Learning Community
in Southeast Asia


Creating Global Learning Community in Southeast Asia

Sophia Global Education and Discovery Co., Ltd. is Sophia University’s first overseas company in Bangkok, Thailand.
The company acts as a connecting hub for Japan and the ASEAN region in term of education and research.

We cooperate with many educational institutions, private companies, government sector and international organization to deliver high quality study programs. In addition, we also support exchange study program, internship program and higher education networking.
Through education and training programs, the company aims to promote students mobility, develop human resources with high social awareness for our sustainable future.


Global Study Programs

Study Tour

We plan and implement global education and training programs including fieldwork mainly in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Online Program

We plan and offer online exchange programs. Participants will be able to receive online lectures and experience exchanges and discussions with new friends from Japan, Southeast Asia etc.

Globalization of Education

Study Abroad Support

We provide information to students, extend support during studying abroad. We also support public relations and recruitment activities on the university side.

Higher Education Networking Support

We promote the expansion and the improvements of higher education networks by facilitating partnership agreements and collaborations among universities and between universities and institutions.

Contact us

If you have any questions, Please go to our contact page and send message from the inquiry form.


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